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Expenses - Can I track expenses?
With our REO Software all of your expenses are tracked for every real estate owned property. Extensive real time expense reports for REO owners, vendors and individual properties.

Tasks – How can I manage tasks?
Taza REO management software has the ability to create and manage tasks, for instance when monthly reports are due, when properties need winterization, trash outs, etc... REO task management and templates. When your asset manager or "client" requests a list of tasks for a particulat REO, you can store the task template and assign the tasks to your vendors or employees automatically.

Notes – Can you date stamp notes?
When a note or journal is taken there will be a date stamped and optional association with an REO, Task, or Resource. You can email the notes, reducing key strokes by eliminating having to enter in asset # and the address into the subject line of an email message. REO management software will keep a detailed record or self audit containing all information for all or your REO's

Remote Access – Can I work from home?
Taza REO is built on the premise of being able to work on your REO portfolio from anywhere in the world. You don’t have to travel with your computer, use any computer. You can access and manage everything from a web browser and loggin into your Taza REO managment software portal.

Security – Is my information Safe?
Taza REO management software utilizes some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. When you access our site using Netscape Navigator 6.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 5.5 or higher, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology protects your information using both server authentication and data encryption, ensuring that your data is safe, secure, and available only to registered Users in your organization. Your data will be completely inaccessible to your competitors.

Support – What is your support like?
Taza REO management software offers the indutstries best support. We offer 24/7 live local support, we do not hire someone to do our support. We are proud of our support and it is all done in house. We are located in San Diego, CA. Call or Email us any time. 1-858-248-TaZa (8292) or email support@TazaREO.com. All of our clients have a dedicated account administrator they can contact any time. Our Client Success Guarantee (CSP) ensures we are fulfilling your expectations. For more information on our client success program email success@tazareo.com

Location – Where is TazaREO?
Taza REO management software was designed and built in San Diego, CA. Where we have our complete team including Client Services, Engineering and Management. Enabling us to address our clients’ needs, design and implement on the spot.

Photos and Documents – Where are my Photos?
Taza REO management software allows you to take your photos directly from your camera to our online application. One easy step, one central location, online 24/7 anytime/anywhere. We store your photos and documents for you on the web giving you complete access as though they were on your desktop. Complete photo and document management using a web browser from any computer in the world.

Photo Resizing – Can I resize?
Yes, With Taza REO management software you can resize your photos. In fact after using our drag and drop functionality or saving your images directly from your camera to our folder. We have a button allowing you to upload entire folders of photos and resize the complete folder with one click. Yes one click.

Transition – What do I have to do?
Taza REO has a professional implementation team that will assist you in every step of the way. You will be designated a project manager who will provide training, and a direct phone number. Our clients are up and running with Taza REO management software in as little as one business day.

New Features - Who picks the new features?
Our Clients pick the new features guiding our Engineering and Product Development Team. We encourage feedback, suggestions and welcome new ideas. Taza REO Management Software is fequently updated and new versions are deployed often every month. We are constantly implementing innovation. Without drastic changes that require new training.

Import/Export- Can I export my reports?
With Taza REO management software you can export to Excel, Acrobat (PDF) File, Web Archive, CSV, TIFF File, and Rich Text Format. We can import any Microsoft file format to our application for a seamless data migration.

Cost - How much is your service?
We are dedicated to providing you with a pricing program that will make sense to you and your operation. Taza REO management software pricing will be tailored to your needs; with options to target the number of REO's you are currently working with, to a flat rate monthly fee. We will work with you to discover your expectations and develop a cost/benefit plan.

No Hardware – Do I install TazaREO on my equipment?
No hardware, UPS, backup systems, and complicated networks necessary. No Servers: no need to host your own database and replication servers. No IT: no need for expensive internal IT personnel to manage and maintain the your REO management software. Software: no more software to install and upgrade. Lost Data: no more crashed drives and unrecoverable files.

Folders - Can I create subfolders?
Taza REO management software automates the creation of the REO subfolders with fully customizable folder templates. You are able to pre-organize your REO folders and subfolders with your folder-hierarchy template.

Vendors - Can my vendors add documents?
Taza REO management software can send a "Bucket" for your vendors or employees to drop invoices, photos, files and folders directly to a specific REO folder within TazaREO. You are in complete control of the Bucket privileges. With the privileges you can send a Bucket with full, limited or no access to your REO information. You can set the Bucket link active time window, read/write privileges, and many other wonderful features.

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For more information, please contact TazaREO at (858) 248-8200, or email us at success@tazareo.com
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